What debugging needs to be done on the broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment before operation

                                Broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment has become more and more popular in the market in recent years, and has played a pivotal role in the development of the manufacturing industry. In order to improve productivity and prevent unnecessary waiting time after delivery of machinery and equipment, today's Western Code NC editor popularizes pre-adjustment work before adjustment.

                                Output power regulation

                                ① Enter the total rated power of the power source and refer to the sum of the output power of the equipment and equipment of the aluminum alloy window of the broken bridge. The specifications of the cables and wires are also determined accordingly.

                                ② Machine equipment input working voltage 380V and adopt three-phase four-wire system. All normal operating voltage fluctuations cannot exceed 380V ± 10% and 50HZ ± 1HZ.

                                ③ Protective grounding equipment is reserved for all broken bridge aluminum alloy windows and equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure safety, please adopt protective grounding countermeasures for machinery and equipment in strict accordance with specifications, or listen to opinions and other safeguards according to company regulations. 4. Each machine should be equipped with independent low-voltage power distribution box and protection device.


                                Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment

                                2.Pneumatic valve regulations

                                ① The selected air compressor should have a displacement of not less than the total air supply of all machinery and equipment, and leave about 1/4 of the capacity, and place it in the direction of dry and tedious gas cleaning.

                                ② Air filters should be equipped to ensure the quality of pneumatic valves and increase the service life of pneumatic electronic components.

                                ③ The bronchial tube is considered to be a PVC tube. If a general bronchus is used, the total flow and water flow of the pneumatic valve should be taken into account, and the air pump should not be far from the machine and equipment; the air pump should be placed in the direction of boring gas cleaning and water should be added twice a day.

                                3. Industrial plant regulations

                                ① The production workshop for placing aluminum alloy windows and equipment for broken bridges must have a clean and tidy concrete floor, and the road surface is relatively flat. Since the machine and equipment are non-impact and vibration-free, they do not need to be used as a foundation.

                                ② Door and window equipment should be placed in the order of processing technology first, packaging products added for transportation on each machine and equipment should be withdrawn, and spare parts withdrawn for convenient transportation should be installed in place, and the accompanying notes Remove the box and store it properly. Adjust the feet and correct the anchor bolts to correct the equipment.