Numerical control aluminum plastic door and window equipment produced by our factory

                                Since the National Development and Reform Commission issued new documents on energy conservation, emission reduction and energy conservation, some developers have developed a strong interest in new color aluminum-plastic doors and windows. In order to supply sufficient aluminum-plastic doors and windows, some aluminum-plastic doors and windows manufacturers have seen opportunities to purchase aluminum Door and window equipment carry out this piece of market cake. Our company developed the HYLSJK05-500 × 4500 CNC aluminum-plastic door and window equipment according to the needs of this market. Below we show the use and parameters of this product to everyone.

                                One. Main uses of CNC aluminum-plastic doors and windows:


                                This machine is mainly used for 45 ° and 90 ° cutting of plastic profiles. Due to the large sawing range of the machine, it is especially suitable for simultaneous cutting of multiple profiles and has high cutting efficiency. High cutting accuracy is a cost-effective cutting saw. This machine has a simple structure and is easy to maintain. It is a large-scale door and window assembly plant. It can also be used to cut aluminum alloy profiles by installing gas-liquid converters and replacing saw blades.

                                two. Main technical parameters and specifications

                                Power supply voltage: 380V Frequency: 50HZ             

                                Input power: 4.4KW Saw blade diameter: φ500mm

                                Saw blade speed: 3300r ∕ min Maximum cutting length: 4500mm

                                Minimum cutting length: 500mm Dimensions (length × width × height): 6100 × 1400 × 1700