Corporate culture

                                Enterprise purpose

                                Win the world with sincerity

                                To be honest and loyal to every customer, to get credit from every friend, to believe in the way of doing business in advance, to adhere to the road of development of integrity, integrity to customers, integrity to employees.

                                Enterprise spirit

                                Science and technology are productive forces

                                Respect science, talent, detail and quality. Science and technology leads the revolution, technology promotes development, innovation and never satisfaction, and strive to achieve the goal of invigorating enterprises through science and technology and strengthening enterprises through innovation.

                                Sense of worth

                                Cultivate talents, create wealth and contribute to the society

                                The employees with both morality and ability are not only the wealth of the company, but also the wealth of the society;

                                Wealth is created by employees collectively;

                                Only with talents can we truly have wealth and undertake the social responsibility of enterprises.

                                management philosophy

                                Talent achievement future details determine success or failure

                                It advocates the idea of people-oriented management, takes people as the root, quality as the core, and behavior means, penetrates the corporate culture into all aspects of the work, and demonstrates the spirit of Chinese Science in details.

                                management idea

                                Innovation and endless service forever

                                Innovative management, innovative technology, innovative products, innovative services, and the pursuit of comprehensive, professional, timely and enthusiastic services are another magic weapon for Keqi company to win customer trust and market.

                                service idea

                                We're here for you

                                Think about what the customer thinks and what the customer is anxious about. Adhere to the tenet of "service is the extension of products", let customers rest assured, worry free and comfortable.