Technical service

                                The concept of after-sales and service is to serve customers, maintain equipment as its own responsibility, respond quickly, solve problems in time, never for the purpose of profit, and at the same time, upgrade, replace and repair the same type of products in the same industry. After sales scope: Shenzhen Keqi Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. strictly follows the national and industrial standards and implements the three guarantees policy within one year after the new machine is sold: there are mechanical transmission, electronic and electrical short circuit, failure or defect of main parts, etc., in accordance with our after-sales concept, respond within two hours nationwide, solve problems within 24 hours in the province, provide warm service, and actively deal with them.

                                Cost clearing

                                Free warranty within one year (in case of improper operation and damage, only part material fee will be charged);

                                Lifetime maintenance of all machines and equipment, charging standard: workpiece material fee + labor hour fee + round trip fare;

                                Value added service

                                Free of charge for customer test proofing, and assist customers to implement reasonable solution process;

                                Install and commission equipment for customers free of charge;

                                Free one-year warranty service for users;