Fully automatic three-wing hinge machine (57 and pager)
                                • Model: JH-05 or JH-07
                                • Use of equipment: It is the ideal model for 57-series hinges.

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                                  The automatic three-wing hinge (57-leaf hinge) is designed for 57-leaf hinge (three-leaf hinge). It is fully automatic production and processing of 57-fold hinges for sliding doors and windows. Secondary forming, manual service only needs to be fed. Fully automatic feeding, wound, punching, deep hole milling, disconnection. Automatic model, high efficiency, faster speed, save a lot of manual services, the total output of 15-30 per minute, is the best model for mass production of 57 hinges, the machine has applied for a patent certificate.

                                  Fully automatic three-wing hinge (57 and pager) The current three-wing hinge (door hinge) has inconvenient adjustment or cannot be adjusted in several orientations and its installation must be distinguished from the top and bottom and assembly is very inconvenient. Installation creates a lot of trouble. Therefore, it is necessary to develop and design hinges that can conveniently carry out adjustments in several directions without distinguishing the upper and lower hinges, which are easy to assemble and easy to install. Fully automatic three-wing hinger (57 and pager) can be customized according to customer needs, provide door-to-door and debugging, and provide one-stop service for customers.

                                  Model: JH-05 or JH-07

                                  Power: 7.4KW or 8.9KW

                                  Input voltage: 380V / 50Hz

                                  Working pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa

                                  Saw blade specifications: Ф305mm * 120T

                                  Oil pump pressure: 10-15MPa

                                  Dimensions: 2000 * 900 * 1500mm or 2400 * 1000 * 1700mm

                                  Weight: 450kg or 550kg