Digital display double-head precision cutting saw
                                • Model: 5X-500 or 5X-550
                                • Use of equipment: It is suitable for cutting and cutting of aluminum alloy profiles. The two heads can automatically turn inside and outside, and can achieve 45 °, 90 °, -45 ° cutting processing.

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                                         Inside and outside the nose can automatically flip, cutting Angle45 90" to- 45 ,can realize cutting especially short expected function.

                                         lt has feature of easy operation, reliable performance,advanced technique and convenient maintenance.


                                         The profile cutting size adopts the digital display technique to ensure high efficiency and accuracy.

                                  Imported carbide saw blade gives accurate processing andhigh efficiency.

                                         Two cutting heads can work together or single, whentogether work, one time can cut off the required length andangle.


                                         Middle auto-induction profile supporter and following profilesup- porter made the loading and clamping convenient.

                                  Model: 5X-500 or 5X-550

                                  Input power: 2 * 2.2kw

                                  Power: 380V / 50Hz

                                  Working pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.8MPa

                                  Speed: 2800rpm

                                  Saw blade specifications: Ф500 * Ф30mm or Ф550 * Ф30mm

                                  Cutting angle: 45 °, 90 °,-45 °

                                  Cutting width and height: 145 * 200mm or 180 * 250mm

                                  Dimensions: 5400 * 1650 * 1520mm or 5700 * 1750 * 1950mm

                                  Weight: 1600kg or 1800kg