SF-350 Double-blade 45 degree cutting Saw
                                • Model: LJZE-600 * 3000 or LJZE-500
                                • Use of equipment: High-speed spindle, an action simultaneous saw two 45°, high efficiency.

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                                  The saw is designed for door window frame matierial, fan material such as profile 45 degree angle cutting.

                                  High-speed spindle, a sawing motion while two 45 degree. cutting  angle is high precision.

                                  Cutting section smooth, no need secondary processing , and high efficiency.

                                  For 45 degree cutting, cutting 45 degree aluminum frame, display carbinets, casement frame, picture frames, air-conditioning vent, light box,LED panel lights, aluminum frame, freezer cabinets and so on.

                                  Simple and convent operation, high efficency, the provincal labor.

                                  Pole synchronous sawing, sawing savings than the avarage two-thirds of the time.   

                                  Simply step on the pedal, the automatic mechanical binder, automatic sawing, safe and easy.

                                  Use the up and down around the cylinder clamping, material stablility, not deformed.

                                  Model: LJZE-600 * 3000 or LJZE-500

                                  Input power: 4kw or 2.2kw

                                  Power: 380V / 50Hz

                                  Working pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa

                                  Speed: 2850r / min or 2840r / min

                                  Cutting range: H = 175 L = 3000m or H = 130mm

                                  Saw blade diameter: Ф600 * Ф30mm or Ф500 * Ф30mm

                                  Working table size: 3050 * 1000mm

                                  Dimensions: 4200 * 1280 * 1600mm or 2000 * 1280 * 1600mm