Double-head 45 ° angle cutting saw
                                • Model: XIDIAN
                                • Use of equipment: It is suitable for cutting at 45 corners, such as LED frame and solar photovoltaic frame, and can realize ultra-short cutting of materials.

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                                  The double-head 45 ° angle aluminum cutting machine is mainly used for aluminum profile production and processing of advertising light boxes, photo frame production, solar power generation frame, 45-angle laser cutting of aluminum profile for air filter,

                                  Carbide saw blades are produced with high precision and very resistant to wear.

                                  Double-head 45 ° angle aluminum cutting machine cuts 45 degrees on both sides of the laser to ensure accurate viewing angle and no gap in angular connection. Slight laser cutting of raw materials can be maintained.

                                  Input power: 2 * 2.2kw

                                  Power: 380V / 50Hz

                                  Working pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.8MPa

                                  Speed: 2800rpm

                                  Saw blade specifications: Φ400 * Φ30mm

                                  Cutting angle: 45 °

                                  Cutting width and height: 110 * 150mm

                                  Dimensions: 4600 * 1000 * 1700mm

                                  Weight: 1000kg