Aluminum template chamfering machine
                                • Model: LJZE-600 × 3000 or LJZE-500
                                • Use of equipment: It is suitable for chamfering of aluminum formwork ribs, stiffeners, head plates and end milling of aluminum wood frame system templates.

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                                  The aluminum alloy template chamfering machine is suitable for the production and processing of round fillets of aluminum alloy template I-shaped ribs, ribs, and stainless steel head plates, and edge cutting production processing of aluminum frame management system templates.

                                  The aluminum alloy template chamfering machine cuts multiple aluminum profiles at one time, making it highly efficient and convenient in practical operation.

                                  A part of the fitness exercise of this CNC lathe adopts 30mm parallel line compasses to better ensure the production and processing precision of aluminum alloy template aluminum profiles.

                                  The aluminum alloy template chamfering machine machinery and equipment have absorbed the advantages of the same industry in various countries in the world. I come to the company to research and develop new mobile phones. The entire device has a compact structure, a large production and processing area, practical operation, convenient manufacturing and high efficiency.

                                  The relative position of the inner chamfering knife and the outer chamfering knife can be adjusted according to the mutual cooperation of the adjusting screw and the inch thread port, so that it can be used for inner and outer pipe rounding, and can also be used for hose rounding or outer pipe rounding "Rounded corners"; but I do n’t know, when they actually used it, they found that because the adjusting screw connected to the rear end engineer of the chamfering knife was connected with the sleeve specification screw, when a rotating cast iron part hit the inner chamfering knife After the touch, the chamfering knife will be promoted to rotate under the frictional friction at first, so that it will lose the effect of the chamfering, and even the cast iron parts are seriously damaged.

                                  Model: LJZE-600 × 3000 or LJZE-500

                                  Input power: 4kw or 2.2kw

                                  Power: 380V / 50Hz

                                  Speed: 2850r / min or 2840r / min

                                  Working pressure: 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa

                                  Cutting range: H = 175 L = 3000mm or H = 130mm

                                  Saw blade diameter: Φ600 * Φ30mm or Φ500 * Φ30mm

                                  Working table size: 3050 × 1000mm

                                  Dimensions: 4200 × 1280 × 1600mm or 2000 × 1280 × 1600mm